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Frantoio Nutile 1911

The Nutile Oil Mill was established in 1911 in Lapio, in the heart of Irpinia, as a small artisanal press facility, to become today a modern oil extraction plant with a daily work production of approximately 20,000kg and an oil production of 90,000 liters. The company also arranges the processing of olives for third parties in its own establishment to satisfy the requirements of the agricultural companies and of the numerous private parties in the area.

Conseils d'utilisation: What is unique about this olive oil is its flavor really floral and fresh. It gives sensations that can be associated to the grass freshly cut, but especially the green tomato or tomato leaf. To the taste you find again these feeling followed by notes of bitter chicory and bitter vegetable and the characteristic spicy sensation. It’s a real satisfaction of flavors and sensation that can give an extra virgin olive oil.

Variétés: Ravece

Frantoio Nutile 1911
C.da Cerreto n.9
T: 0825982227
W: http://www.frantoionutile.it
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Monocultivar Ravece

Extra virgin olive oil “Ravece” is the representative sample of our production. The Monocultivar Ravece brand “Frantoio Nutile 1911” is the image of our “Irpinia”, because the olive oil produced from this cultivar has been recognized DOP because of its characteristics that are not found in other olive oils. Prix: 10€

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